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A  Æ  B  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  R  S  T  Þ  U  V  W  Y

Nál – another name for Laufey.

Narfi – son of Loki and Sigyn. Brother of Váli. Slain by his brother, who was transformed into a wolf by the Æsir. His entrails were then used to bind his father.

nár – corpse

niðr, niðri – down

Nepr – father of Nanna. Son of Óðin. 

Níðhöggr – Malice Striker. The dragon who chews on the roots of Yggdrasil. Also eats the corpses of the dishonorable in some stories.

Njörðr – Power, Force. Vanir god of the sea and merchants. Husband of Skaði. Father of Freyr and Freya by his twin sister, Nerthus. Also father of Ráðveig and Kreppvör, and their seven sisters. Nóatún is his home in Asgard.

Nóatún – Ship Enclosure. The home of Njörð in Asgard.

Nörfi – another name for Nörr.

Nörr – jötunn father of Nótt.

Nótt – Night. Jötunn goddess of night, and the personification of night. Married three times. Mother of Dagr, by the god Dellingr. Daughter of Nörr. Grandmother of Thor. Rider of the horse Hrímfaxi.

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