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A  Æ  B  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  R  S  T  Þ  U  V  W  Y

hættr – dangerous

halða – barn

hamarr – crag

hamr – abode

handleggr – arm

Hárbarð – Grey Beard. A disguise of Óðin.

háski – danger

Hati – Hate. Wolf that chases Máni across the sky, fated to eat him at Ragnarök. Brother of Sköll.

Haust – Autumn

heiðr – bright

Heimdallr – watchman of the gods. Son of nine mothers. Owner of the horn Gjallarhorn. Guardian of Bifröst.

Hel – To Hide. Goddess of Hel, the realm of the dead in Niflheim. Daughter of Loki and Angrboða. Sister of Fenrir and Jörmungandr.

Hel / Helheim – Hidden Place. The realm of the dead, presided over by the goddess Hel.

Helhest – Hel Horse. Possibly the steed of Hel. Survives within Scandinavian folklore.

hellir – cave

herfang – booty

herklæði – armor

herlið – army

Hermóðr – War Spirit. Son of Óðin. Rode to Hel to ask for Baldr’s return.

Hervör – All-Wise, Strange Creature. Wife of Völundr. Sister of Ölrún and Hlaðguðr. Valkyrie who is married to Völundr for seven years.

Hildisvini – Battle Boar. The boar disguise of Ottar, one of Freya’s human lovers.

hilmir – chief

Himinbjörg – Heaven’s Castle, Heaven Mountain. Heimdallr’s hall in Asgard.

Himinhrjot – Heaven Bellower. Ox of jötunn Hymir. Thor used his head as bait to catch Jörmungandr.

Hlesey – the Danish island Læsø. The underwater hall of jötunns Ægir and Ran was thought to be near here.

Hliðskjálf – Hill Opening. The high seat of Óðin, from which he could see into every world.

hógværi – discipline. One of the Nine Noble Virtues.

Höðr – God of the unknown. Tricked into killing his brother Baldr, by Loki. Son of Óðin and Frigga.

Hoddmímisholt – Hoddmimir’s Wood. Another name for Yggdrasill.

hǫfðingi – chief

Hœnir – long legged god known for indecisiveness. Traded to the Vanir to seal their truce.

hræddr – afraid

Hræsvelgr – Corpse Eater. Eagle perched atop Yggdrasill. The flapping of his wings causes the wind.

Hreiðmar – Father of Ótter, Fafnir, and Regin. Acquires the hoard of Andvari as ransom for Ótter’s death.

Hrímfaxi – Frost Mane. The horse of Nótt.

Hringhorni – Ship with a Circle on the Stem. The ship of Baldr, described as the “greatest of all ships.”

hringr – circle

Hróðvitnir – another name for Fenrir.

Hrungnir – jötunn who lost a horse race to Óðin, and a duel with Thor.

Hugi – Thought. Won several races against Thialfi, a servant of Thor.

Huginn – Thought. One of Óðin’s ravens, along with Muninn.

hugr – courage, desire

hundr – dog

hvítingr – drinking horn

Hyrrokin – Fire Smoked. Jötunn employed to drag Baldr’s funeral ship to the sea.

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