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Accepting the Terms of Use

By accessing Heathen Hair you agree to be bound by the terms outlined herein.


I reserve the right to modify the Terms of Use at my behest. Last modification was made 7/3/2021.

Use of Heathen Hair Intellectual Property

My unique intellectual property is copyrighted to me, Nanna, and to my property This intellectual property is provided for personal educational and entertainment purposes. You are permitted to redistribute my non-monetized intellectual property with citation and credit to me or to for non-monetary purposes. If you’d like to redistribute any part of my work for ANY monetized or commercial purpose (i.e. publications, merchandise, monetized blogs, etc.), contact me using this form and we can work out an agreement.

My Intellectual Property includes:

  • Unique art created by me

  • Unique writing created by me

  • Unique thoughts or ideas created by me

Unique compilations of other work created by me

Use of Heathen Hair Intellectual Property

The public facing appearance on this website, i.e. “branding,” and all related assets are mine. Please don’t, you know, use them.

Age Disclaimer

Content on this website is designed for an 18+ audience. Minors who interact with this website bear the full responsibility of this interaction, understanding they’re intentionally accessing content not designed for them. This website does not and will not interact knowingly with minors in any way, including answering questions, giving advice, or producing spiritual content meant for minor consumption.

Copyright 2020 - 2021 Heathen Hair  | All Rights Reserved 

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