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I possess the ability to peer beyond the veil of time and glimpse the subtle threads that weave the tapestry of relationships of people. Through this ancient and sacred art, I can offer you profound insights and revelations regarding your inquiries about love and connections.

Through the union of Seiðr (Norse Witchcraft) and the old gods' wisdom, I aspire to provide you with the clarity you seek. My intention is to empower you with the knowledge needed to navigate the labyrinth of relationships, to nurture love, understanding, and compassion, and to make choices that align with the highest good for all involved.

The whispers of the old gods guide me as I interpret the symbols and messages embedded within the tapestry. They bestow upon me the knowledge to understand the complexities of your relationships, the lessons they carry, and the growth they offer. I shall share with you their divine guidance, their warnings, and their blessings, offering you a deeper comprehension of the dynamics at play.



I use Elder Futhark Runes and the whispers of your ancestors and mine for all my divination needs. They help me connect deeply with you. I'll ask questions and seek emotions, like your happiest or saddest memories. Your name doesn't matter much; the gods already know you. I'm direct and sincere in my approach, aiming to provide honest guidance. My focus is on understanding your essence and bringing clarity through the runes. May the gods' blessings be with us on this journey.

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  • 30 min

    30 US dollars
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