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Máni – Moon. God of the moon. Son of Mundilfari. Brother of Sól. Fated to be eaten by Hati at Ragnarök.

mannaðr – accomplished

merki – banner, boundary

mersing – brass

Miðgarðr – Middle Earth. The realm of humans. One of the Nine Worlds.

Mímir – Wise One, Rememberer. Bodyless god who guards the well of wisdom. Traded by the Æsir to the Vanir as part of a truce, beheaded and returned. Óðin preserves his head and he becomes Óðin’s adviser.

Mjölnir – Crusher. One of the six treasures of the gods. The mighty hammer of Thor, capable of leveling mountains. It returns to the hand that throws it, rather like a boomerang. Made by the dwarfs Brokkr and Eitri.

mungát – ale, drink

Múspellsheimr – World Destroyers. The realm of the Eldjötnar, the race of fire jötunn led by Surtr. One of the Nine Worlds.

myrkr – dark

myrr – bog

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