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A  Æ  B  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  R  S  T  Þ  U  V  W  Y

samgangr – conflict.

sannleikr – truth. One of the Nine Noble Virtues.

seiðr – a shamanic practice that was the sole realm of women. Included sorcery, clairvoyance, magic, runes, herbal medicine, red-capped Amanita muscaria mushrooms to induce altered states of awareness, and gala (high-pitched chants.) Freya was the patron goddess of the seiðgaldur, and she brought this “Vanir magic” to Asgard. It’s recorded that Óðin himself also practiced seiðr in pursuit of wisdom.

Sessrúmnir – Seat Room. Freya’s hall in Fólkvangr, in Asgard.

Sif – Relation by Marriage. Goddess of the golden hair. Wife of Thor. Mother of Þrúðr and Ullr.

Sigyn – Victorious Girl Friend. Goddess of loyalty and integrity. Wife of Loki.

Sindri – Spark. Hall for the souls of the virtuous after Ragnarök.

sjalfstóði – self-reliance. One of the Nine Noble Virtues.

Sjöfn – a love and marriage goddess. A handmaiden of Frigga.

Skaði – Damage. Jötunn goddess of skiing and hunting. Wife of Njörðr. Daughter of Þjazi. She won the hand of her husband from the Æsir as compensation for the death of her father. Þrymheimr is her hall, inherited from her father, located in Jötunheimr.

skaði – damage

skál – bowl

Skál! – Cheers!

skegg – beard

skeggjaðr – bearded

Skíðblaðnir – Assembled from Wood. Freyr’s miraculous golden ship which needed no wind to sail, and which folded up to fit in a pocket. Crafted by the Sons of Ivaldi, along with Sif’s golden hair and Gungnir.

Skinfaxi – Shining Mane. The horse of Dagr.

skip – boat

Skirnir – Bright One. Messenger of Freyr. Sent to woo Gerðr in exchange for Freyr’s sword. Also sent to the dwarfs to acquire Gleipnir, in order to bind Fenrir.

skita – shit

Sköll – Treachery. Wolf that chases Sól across the sky, fated to eat her at Ragnarök. Brother of Hati.

Skrýmir – Big Looking. Útgarða-Loki in disguise.

Skuld – Future. One of the three Norns, along with Verðandi and Urðr, who decide the fates of all beings.

skuld – debt

sky – cloud

Sleipnir – Slippy, Slipper. Óðin’s eight legged horse. Son of Loki (as a mare) and Svaðilfari. The greatest of all horses.

Snærr – Snow. Goddess and personification of snow.

Snör – Ancestress of the peasant class.

Sól – Sun. Goddess of the sun. Husband of Glenr. Daughter of Mundilfari. Sister of Máni. Pulled by the horses Árvakr and Alsviðr. Fated to be eaten by Sköll at Ragnarök.

steði – anvil

strǫnd – beach

Sunna – another name for Sól.

Surtr – Black, Swarthy One. Fire giant who rules over Múspellsheimr. Fated to set the world on fire at Ragnarök, battle the Æsir, and slay Freyr. His flaming sword will lay waste to Miðgarðr.

Suttungr –  jötunn who took the Mead of Poetry from Fjalar and Galar, who killed his mother and his father, Gilling. Brother of  Baugi. Father of  Gunnlöð.

Svaðilfari – Unlucky Traveler. Horse of the jötunn who re-built the walls of Asgard, in exchange for the hand of Freya, the sun, and the moon. Tricked by Loki disguised as a mare. Father of Sleipnir, by Loki.

Svartálfar – Black Elves. Beings, possibly dwarfs, who dwell in Svartalfheimr.

Svartalfheimr – Home of the Black Elves. The home of the svartálfar. One of the Nine Worlds.

svartr – black

sveinn – boy

Syn – Refusal. Goddess of defense in trials. A handmaiden of Frigga.

systrungr – cousin

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