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A  Æ  B  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  R  S  T  Þ  U  V  W  Y

Ullr – Glory. God of archery. Son of Sif and an unknown god, and stepson of Thor. Rules over Asgard in Óðin’s stead, and has also ruled over the Vanir. Ýdalir is his hall.

Ullin – a possibly lost, ancient feminine side of an Ullr and Ullin pair. A few place names attest to a once more widespread influence of the two together.

Urðr – Fate. One of the three Norns, along with Verðandi and Skuld, who decide the fates of all beings.

Útgarða-Loki – Loki of the Outlands. Jötunn ruler of Útgarðr in Jötunheimr. Disguises himself as the jötunn Skrýmir to fool Thor, Loki, and Thor’s servant Þjálfi. In his hall, he defeats the three in many feats of strength before revealing that he used magic to win, and banishing them from Útgarðr.

Útgarðr – Outlands. A jötunn kingdom in Jötunheimr, ruled by Útgarða-Loki. Hidden from the gods by magic.

útan – beyond

útanlands – abroad

vættfang – battlefield

vænn – beautiful

Vafþrúðnir – Mighty Weaver. Wisest of the jötnar. Defeated in a battle of knowledge by Óðin.

Vaði – Father of Völundr. Possibly a King of the Finns, or a jötunn. Or both? 

vágr – bay

Valaskjálf – Shelf of the Slain. One of the halls of Óðin in Asgard. Contains the tower holding Hliðskjálf, Óðin’s high seat.

Valhöll – Hall of the Slain. One of the halls of Óðin in Asgard. House of the Einherjar.

valkyrja, valkyrie – Chooser of the Slain. One of the angel-like warrior women tasked with choosing warriors slain on the battlefield for Valhöll and Fólkvangr. The valkyrjur also serve mead to the Einherjar, and often appear in stories as lovers to mortals and heroes.

Váli – god of vengeance. Son of Óðin and jötunn Rindr. Conceived expressly to avenge Baldr’s death by slaying Höðr, he grew to adulthood in one day. He is fated to survive Ragnarök.

Váli – son of Loki and Sigyn. Brother of Narfi. Turned into a wolf by the Æsir, he slays Narfi, whose entrails are then used to bind his father.

Vanaheimr – Home of the Vanir. One of the Nine Worlds, and home of the Vanir.

vándr – bad

Vanir – a group of gods who live in Vanaheimr. Their war against the encroaching Æsir ended in a truce. Few are listed by name. Generally considered gods of fertility, wisdom, nature, and magic.

Vár – Pledge, Beloved. Goddess who hears oaths and presides over agreements – often concerning marriage. One of Frigga’s handmaidens.

varða / varði – cairn

vaskr – brave

Vé – Shrine. Son of Bestla and Borr. Brother of Óðin and Vili. God who gave human beings senses. Together with his brothers, slayer of Ýmir.

veizla – banquet

Verðandi – Present. One of the three Norns, along with Urðr and Skuld, who decide the fates of all beings.

Víðarr – Wide Ruler. God of silence and vengeance. Son of Óðin and Gríðr. Fated to kill the wolf Fenrir at Ragnarök, thus avenging his father. His land is called Landviði.

Viðga – Son of Völundr. A hero in the legends of Theoderic the Great.

viðrtaka – defence

Vígríðr – Battle Surge. The vast plain where the last battles of Ragnarök will be fought.

Vili – Will. Son of Bestla and Borr. Brother of Óðin and Vé. God who gave human beings wit and intelligence. Together with his brothers, slayer of Ýmir.

vili – desire

Vingólf – Pleasant Hall. The hall of the goddesses in Asgard.

Völundr – Battle-Brave. Alfar god of smithing. Husband of Hervör, and father of Heime. Son of Vaði. Father of Viðga, by Bodvild. Brother of Egil and Slagfiðr. Captured by King Niðhad and forced to work until his escape. Crafter of the sword Gram.

Vór – another name for Vár.

Vör – Aware, Careful. Goddess associated with wisdom, and from whom nothing could be hidden. One of Frigga’s handmaidens.

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