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Edda – Great Grandmother. Ancestor of the serf class.

eggtog – battle

eggþrima – battle

einherjar – Once Fighters. Dead heroes collected by the valkyrja who live in Valhöll, and who will fight for the gods at Ragnarök.

einorð – fidelity. One of the Nine Noble Virtues.

einvigi – duel

Eir – goddess of healing. Handmaiden of Frigga.

eir – bronze, copper

Eitri – one of the two dwarf master smiths who fashioned Draupnir, Mjölnir, and Gullinbursti. Bother of Brokkr.

elding – dawn

Eldir – Fire Stoker. Servant of Ægir and Ran.

Eldjötnar – Fire Giants. The race of fire jötunn who dwell in Múspellsheimr, and are led by Surtr.

Éljúðnir – Sprayed with Snowstorms. Hel’s hall in Niflheim.

Elli – Old Age. Old woman who wrestles Thor in Útgard-Loki’s court.

Embla – Elm. Name of the first woman created by Óðin, Vili, and Vé.

ettin – another name for jötunn.

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