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Runic Calendar

When a baby is born, his or her Wyrd flows from ancestry, family, the place of their birth and the motion of the cosmos at that point. Each new soul is said to receive gifts at the point of birth from their nornir, female spirits akin to the three Norns who might be viewed as ‘fairy god-mothers’ (giving both bad and good gifts). Each half month and half-hour has a particular rune assigned to it, and your birth half-month and hour might therefore provide useful insights into runes whose power you will naturally be able to draw on through out your life.

Fehu: 29th June (Runic New Year) – 14th July

Uruz: 14th July – 29th July

Thurisaz: 29th July – 13th August

Ansuz: 13th August – 29th August

Raidho: 29th August – 13th September

Kenaz: 13th September – 28th September

Gebo: 28th September – 13th October

Wunjo: 13th October – 28th October

Hagalaz: 28th October – 13th November

Nauthiz: 13th November – 28th November

Isa: 28th November – 13th December

Jera: 13th December – 28th December

Eihwaz: 28th December – 13th January

Perthro: 13th January – 28th January

Algiz: 28th January – 13th February

Sowilo: 13th February – 27th February

Teiwaz: 27th February - 14th March

Berkano: 14th March – 30th March

Ehwaz: 30th March – 14th April

Mannaz: 14th April – 29th April

Laguz: 29th April – 14th May

Ingwaz – 14th May – 29th May

Othala – 29th May – 14th June

Dagaz – 14th June – 29th June


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