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Norse Magick

Seidkonna here (who uses folklore predominantly) Unlike what many modern heathen and pagans sources may imply, we know next to nothing about the volva path... on the principles of seidr we have some sense, thankfully, but no clear indicators on how one was initiated or how it was done. The sad fact of the matter is that the seer path or volva path no longer exists in the form it once did. Modern heathens have tried to revive it, but in many cases they have done so by incorporating elements from indigenous and BIPOC traditions which is highly problematic.

This is why I have been using folklore to do 'seidr' since it embraces hearth culture, ancestor veneration and both landspirit & spirit work.. all of these have direct connections to Viking era beliefs. It's like picking up where a few generations left off... and until archeology gives us more to go on with the volva/seer path.

I think its wise if we ladies in the larger heathen community chill out with calling ourselves volva, because we really don't know what that means. That said if you have a gift you should certainly explore it! That's very important! Oh and just in case you would like to do any research here's a list I put together of every known reference to seidr.


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