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40 Norwegian Synonyms for “Man”

The Scandinavian countries are in front when it comes to gender equality, so it is also natural to present a selection of 40 synonyms for the word “mann” (English: man).

Here is a selection of 40 words and what qualities they are associated with. The synonyms are also translated directly into English, where possible.

Bamse: ”Bear”; solid, stable, protective, kind

Barsking: ”Butch”; tough, attractive, big

Bestefar: Grandpa

Drittsekk: ”Shit bag”; bastard, not trustworthy, betrayer

Dumrian: Silly, simple

Fatter: Dad, old man

Feiging: Coward

Flørt: Flirt, player

Frier: Trying to get a woman’s attention and get her to bed / marry her

Fyr: Bloke

Gamling: Old man

Grabukk: Horny bastard

Grinebiter: Grumpy, grouch, negative

Gris: Pig

Gubbe: Old man, stubborn, dogged

Gutt: Boy

Hannrei: Bachelor, young, outgoing, flirty

Horebukk: “Whore buck”; goes to bed with everybody, all the time

Jålebukk: Dandy, concerned about own appearance

Kakse: Rich snob, posh, arrogant

Kall: Old man, traditional, from rural Norway

Kar: Man, nice, traditional

Kavaler: Partner

Kjekkas: Good-looking, younger

Konge: “King”; authoritarian, in control

Kylling: “Chicken”; week, coward

Mann: Man, male

Mannfolk: Manfolk

Mannebein: ”Man’s leg”; attractive, collectible

Mygg: ”Mosquito”; skinny, weak, coward

Møkkamann: Shit bag, bastard, not trustworthy

Mørkemann: ”Man of Darkness”; religious, manipulative, dangerous

Nisse: ”Gnome”; idiot, simple

Ridder: Knight

Rundbrenner: Male whore

Slendrian: Sloppy, lazy

Småtass: Little fellow, also little kid

Stut: ”Bull”; stupid, arrogant, violent

Tøffing: Butch, risk-taker

Viking: Tuff, steady, masculine, explorer


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