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Bindrunes: A How-To

Keep in mind that everyone creates a unique set of rules and methods for creating these so you don’t have to follow this exactly. When I do these for myself or for clients , I do a cleansing ritual , and create my space to let the gods to speak and work with me. The intention towards the creation must be solid - or I dont do it at that moment. I take this very seriously.

First: CHOOSE AN INTENT The biggest thing is to know what you want this bind rune to be for. Do you want a bind rune for strength or for creativity? You’ll use different runes for different intents, so make sure you know what you want from it

Second: CHOOSE RUNES THAT MATCH YOUR INTENT Now that you know your intent, choose runes that match. I like to use sets of 3, but if you feel two or even four or more runes would be better suited to your task go ahead! Runes can also be mirrored to reverse the meaning, for instance you can mirror Haglaz to include in a protection rune as something like “calm weather.” For the purpose of this tutorial I’ll make a rune for protection. We can always use protection runes.

The runes I’ve chosen are: Agliz for Protection Ingwaz for Safety Sowilo for Good Health


This stage is where you get to be creative. Overlay the runes, one on top of the other, to create the bind rune. Try out different lay outs, pick ones that are aesthetically pleasing to you. In this stage we also make sure that we’re not creating any other runes that would result in mixed energies. (For instance, we wouldn’t want a reversed Wunjo in a protection rune.)

These are examples of bind runes that you can get from just those three runes I showed you earlier!

Fourth: MAKE LAST ADJUSTMENTS Here’s where you choose your final design(s), and make sure there’s no more changes to be made. This is the easiest step in my opinion, just final adjustments.

Last Step: CLEAN IT UP AND USE IT I like to clean my designs up using a digital program. SAI or Photoshop are personal favorites of mine. After that, all that’s left is to use it! Sometimes you can carve it into a piece of wood and use herbs , incense , even blood to charge it and make sure the energies are directed towards you, or you can just draw it on your wrist as needed, or create a charm from it! The uses are endless, much like sigils. So go make bind runes. Just be mindful of your internal thoughts and intentions.


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