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Remove yourself from the media as much as you can when learning about the Norse Religion. Instead connect with others through community. You can learn about these Gods and this religion all on your own. It is a nature religion , one of self growth and self exploration. Explore with your relationship with the Gods. So you will spend a lot of time with fires , candles, books , runes - learning more and more each time. You will spend so much time researching but also growing. You will never stop growing in this faith. Once you start learning you can then start sharing with others. 

Community is so very important - Yes you will learn alone but you will also learn from the people around you. Its almost impossible to learn about all the Gods , and all the history , magic , runes ... in one lifetime.  What is possible is meeting others who have had unique experiences , talking with them and learning from them. It can be difficult to reach other pagans and I am dedicated to bringing back the folk aspect of this religion by forming online communities and in life gatherings. I feel it is something we need in this modern world.


This modern world doesn't want community anymore. Doesn't want culture. They want you to be born - consume - spend money and die.  What this faith wants , what the Gods want , what our ancestors want and what WE should want is to leave a mark on this world. To make sure our folk , kindred , family knows about our names 50 years after we die. We don't know our neighbors anymore in this modern world  - I think it is time for that to change. I think it is time to have brothers and sisters outside our blood family. We are family! This world doesn't want us to be family and that's why this religion was buried and removed, plagiarized and bastardized. Christianity allowed control. 

This path will require you to change. If you don't want to change - don't start this path. If you don't like to read , don't go on this path - but if you want to belong to a community , if you want to learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible , if you want to feel connected to nature - this is the path for you. 

Join the communities below and let's start a journey. - Nanna

Here I will be adding amazing people to follow and shop with! 
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